Clerk & Councillor Information


The Parish Clerk is the first point of contact for any queries or information:

Ann Crisp, Great Maplestead Parish Clerk

New House, St Giles Close, Great Maplestead, Essex CO9 2RW

Tel: 01787 460216 or e-mail:


Please contact by e-mail wherever possible, or by telephone, between 4.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. Mondays to Thursdays


The Clerk is also the Statutory and Responsible Finance Officer employed by the Council and is responsible for implementing Council decisions. The Clerk's Job Description, Role and Responsibilities can be found here.


PARISH COUNCILLORS AND THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES (click the e-mail address to contact):

Martin Elms      

Chairman. Highways & Road Safety, Task Force, Community Care Overview, Personnel

Hunterswood, Church Street, Gt.Maplestead, Essex CO9 2RG

01787 461 421  

Steve Harris      

Vice-Chairman. Communications, Footpaths, Project Funding, Personnel

The Forge, Lucking Street, Gt. Maplestead, Essex CO9 2RE

01787 462 818
Peter Haylock      

Development/Planning Overview

Mossings, Lucking Street, Gt.Maplestead, Essex CO9 2RE

01787 460 302
Ian Johnson      

Neighbourhood Watch & Crime Prevention, Transport Matters

Pink Cottage, Purls Hill, Gt. Maplestead, Essex CO9 2QX

01787 461 109
Patricia Maile      

Ecological Programme/Projects, Tree Warden

Kent House, Church Street, Gt.Maplestead, Essex CO9 2RQ

01787 461 002

Joe Newton      

Emergency Response Co-ordination, Playing Field, Car Parks, Ditch/Drainage Monitoring

Springwells, Lucking Street, Gt Maplestead, Essex CO9 2RE

01787 461 308
Simon Last      

Neighbourhood & Local Plan Matters, Project Funding Lead, Financial Overview


01787 462 957



The Great Maplestead Parish Councillors Register of Interests can be found here.