The Maplestead Magna Carta e-newsletter was launched in September 2015 to help the Council improve its communications with everyone in the Parish.

Previously, many parishioners had concerns about things happening locally – developments and other changes, maybe – that they didn’t know about until it was too late.

Although Council and Planning Notices regularly appear on the three Parish Notice Boards - and on this website and the Council's Facebook page - we recognise that these are not always the best ways of notifying important information. The Parish News magazine, whilst being a valuable source of local information, has editorial considerations that often mean not everything submitted is able to be published.

Of course, matters of importance are always covered at Council Meetings but we accept that, eveELCM Award Certificaten if people are aware of the meeting dates and agendas, they may not have the time, inclination or the wish to attend.

The Maplestead Magna Carta, which won Best New Entry in the 2015 Essex Life Community Magazine Awardsis published regularly between Council meetings in order to make the Council's business more transparent and accountable, and so enable you effortlessly to keep abreast of Parish affairs.

The current issue can be read here.

A hard copy version of this is also available in the Church.

Previous issues of this year's Maplestead Magna Carta can be read by clicking on the relevant link: Issue 54 February 2024; Issue 55 April 2024

Earlier issues of the newsletters can be found in the archive

If you would like to receive future issues of the e-newsletter, please send an e-mail request to and you will be added to the Maplestead Magna Carta mailing list. You will also receive Council Meeting Agendas and, exceptionally, any urgent Parish notifications.


E-mail addresses will not appear, be disclosed or be distributed to any third party and, apart from distributing the e-newsletter, Council Meeting Agendas and, exceptionally, any urgent community information, will not be used for any other purpose..