1,000 Mbps Fibre-Optic Broadband for Great MaplesteadCB logo

It is well-recognised that the best way to deliver fast, reliable broadband is by fibre-optic cable. County Broadband, who previously delivered 32 Mbps wireless broadband to Great Maplestead, have now installed an entirely new fibre-optic infrastructure in the village that will future-proof its broadband requirements for years to come.

This new fibre-optic network is available to every home and provides the village with one of the fastest broadband services in the country. The service offers low-cost phone calls, up to 1,000 Mbps internet speeds with unlimited data allowance and instant access to online services such as Netflix for viewing high-definition films on demand.


County Broadband offers a community-centric solution to broadband provision in the rural community, working as a partnership with Parish Councils, the local church, and the community as a whole to deliver superfast broadband to those areas which have not been able to benefit up until now.


Contact County Broadband for more information - Tel: 0845-686 5000