This page will, over time, be populated with photos of village scenes, both from the archives and from the present day - for you to compare and contrast:


Gt Maplestead Post Card     
 A Great Maplestead Postcard... Can you identify the scenes?    


Church Street:

 The Old Vicarage  The Old Vicarage  
 The Old Vicarage - then  The Old Vicarage - now  
St Giles' School   St Giles' School  
 St Giles' School - then...  St Giles' School - now...  
The Old Post Office  The Old Post Office 
 The Old Post Office - just before it closed...  The Old Post Office - now
 Barretts Hall  Barretts Hall
 Barretts Hall - in the 1970s  Barretts Hall - today


Lucking Street:

 Mossings & The Forge  Mossings & The Forge  
 Mossings & The Forge - then...  Mossings & The Forge - now...  
 The Forge & Smithy The Forge & Smithy   
 The Forge & Smithy - then...  The Forge & Smithy - now...  
Lucking St Cottages  Lucking St Cottages 
 Skippers (foreground), Lucking & St Giles' Cottages (background) - then...  Skippers, Lucking & St Giles' Cottages - now...
 Brook & Croft Cottages Brook & Croft Cottages 
 Brook & Croft Cottages - in the 1930s  Brook & Croft Cottages - today
 Lucking House Farm Lucking House Farm 
 Lucking House Farm - in the 1930s  Lucking House Farm - today
Lucking St Panorama   Lucking St Panorama
 Lucking St looking N - with Brook & Croft Cottages (L) & Skippers (centre)  Lucking St looking N - the willow now partly hides Skippers and the rest of the road!


Monks' Lodge Road:

 Monks Lodge Road  Monks Lodge Road
 Monks' Lodge Road - with Nursery House in the background then...  Monks' Lodge Road - with Nursery House in the background today...
 Old Clubhouse  Old Clubhouse (Library Cottage)
 The Old Clubhouse - then  The Old Clubhouse - now Library Cottage