The long-established Parish News magazine, containing information and news from and about the parishes of Great & Little Maplestead, Pebmarsh and Gestingthorpe, has undergone a significant change for 2024.

Parish MagazineThe Steering Committee, which was originally set up in 2018 and includes representatives from the four parishes, has been re- formed to improve the management and finances of the magazine and assist the Editor to ensure that it better reflects each parish’s specific needs. Amongst the re-formed committee’s initial decisions were to move to full colour printing and establish an on-line presence, via a dedicated Facebook page and links on the four parish websites, to broaden the magazine's readership demographic.

These changes have been designed not only to help improve the appearance and attractiveness of the printed magazine to both readers and advertisers but also to give better, and wider-ranging, on-line exposure for those loyal local businesses that provide the essential financial support necessary to fund the magazine’s publication.

There are 10 issues published each year – one a month but with single issues for December/January and July/August.

A full-colour, flip-page version of the current issue can be read here

Earlier issues from this year can be read by clicking on the appropriate link: February 2024; March 2024; April 2024; May 2024; June 2024; 

An archive of magazines from previous years can be found here

Articles/information and photographs for inclusion in future issues can be sent by e-mail either direct to the Parish News Editorial Team or to any of the appointed Village Representatives – their contact details are listed in each magazine.


2024 Advertising Rates and Copy Deadline Dates

If you are interested in advertising in, or submitting articles/copy for, the magazine, the Advertising Rates and regular Tuesday Copy Deadline Dates for 2024 are detailed below: