Information on Great Maplestead's current General Waste and Recycling bin collection schedules, and information about what can and can't be put into each type of waste bin, can be found here.



If you have waste you wish to dispose of personally this link will take you to the Essex County Council information page.

The two centres nearest to Great Maplestead are:

  Opening Times:

Monday to Sunday: Summer 9.00am - 5.00pm (to 15 Oct)

                             Winter 9.00am - 4.00pm (from 16 Oct)

Christmas Eve: Closes at 1pm

Christmas & Boxing Day: Closed

  • Sandy Lane, Sudbury CO10 7HG

  Opening Times:

 Monday to Saturday (closed Wednesdays):  April to September 9am - 5pm

 Monday to Saturday (closed Wednesdays):  October to March 9am - 4pm 

 Sundays and Bank Holidays: All year round 10am - 4pm

 Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year's Day: Closed


Important Note:

From 31st October 2016, in order to combat a problem of business waste left illegally at recycling centres, the Braintree centre has placed strict limits on the amount of DIY and construction waste that can be accepted. People delivering waste in vans and pick-ups will be put under greater scrutiny, and those identified as bringing in waste from any kind of business activity will be refused entry and the owners may be liable for prosecution.

DIY and construction waste is deemed as any material that is the result of construction and demolition work to a home or garden. There is no duty on local authorities to accept or dispose of DIY and construction waste from residential properties. Although centres are required to accept all household waste, this is a defined term under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 and does not include all waste types generated by a household. 

The acceptance of DIY and construction waste materials will be subject to the following per household limits:

In any 28-day period:

  • three wheelbarrow loads (one car boot full) of soil and hardcore
  • one wheelbarrow load of tiles

and, in any six-month period:

  • three large ceramic items, e.g. toilet or wash basin
  • one uPVC or wooden window frame
  • one uPVC or wooden external door
  • three wooden internal doors
  • any elements of a built-in kitchen

Residents who are unsure about whether to take waste to a recycling centre, or whether they will need to rent a skip for larger home improvement projects, should check the Recycle for Essex website.