Highways logoHighways Problem? - Report it here - using this link allows you to report a pothole or other highways problem to Essex Highways or ask about a previously reported problem, using the unique reference number that you will have been given.

Please note: only one problem at a time can be reported, for each of which you will be given a unique reference number. For example: if you are reporting two potholes in your road, these will need to reported separately and will each be given a unique reference number.

Essex Highways respond best to reports made through the above link; the more parishioners who report a particular problem, the speedier should be the remedial action.

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ECC Highways Roadworks Map

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Parish Road Sweeping Dates

Sweeping dates for roads in the Parish during 2020 will be shown here when they're available.

Road Sweeper

 Day   Date      



You are reminded that, to enable a full sweep to be carried out, there should be no roadside parking when sweeping is scheduled.