Village Design Statement gives interested parties, guidance on acceptable design from the community's point of view. It improves design in our area by being applied consistently in the development control process.

It allows the Council planning authorities to reject planning applications on the grounds of poor design. It will also help protect visually important buildings and open spaces.

It will not stop change from happening, but it can help determine how any change fits into the village.


The draft VDS for the Great Maplestead was finally officially adopted by Parish Council in December 2013, and then formally adopted by Braintree District Council.


The document was distributed to every household and business in the Parish - a copy of Great Maplestead VDS can be viewed/downloaded here.


If required, please contact contact the Parish Clerk for further information:


VDS (April 2012) Survey Responses 

Details of Village Design Statements and Community led plans can be found on the Braintree District Council website here.