Maplesteads Fuel Syndicate


Oil TankerThe Maplesteads Fuel Syndicate is a free-to-join, independent home heating oil buying collective that seeks out competitive prices, saving its members from the hassle of continually researching and comparing ever-changing market rates.


Many villagers in the Maplesteads – and the surrounding villages of Pebmarsh, Gestingthorpe & Wickham St Paul – save money each year when buying home heating oil, benefitting from the bulk ordering power of the MFS.




   2017   Ordering and Delivery 
  Month              Order by      Delivery by  
  February  9th  13th - 17th
  May  11th  15th - 19th
  July  6th  10th - 13th
  September  14th  18th - 21st
 Next Order Date/Delivery December  7th  11th - 15th


To join MFS, or place an oil order, contact: Natasha Pardon or call: 01603 885 114


Please quote your MFS & Certas Energy (formerly Pace) Account Number (if known) and your home address in all communications.


Payment Options

  • You can spread fuel payments over 12 months paying by Direct Debit. New MFS customers signing up for Direct Debit pay for only half of their 1st delivery up front.
  • There is no charge for paying by debit card
  • There is a 1½% handling fee for paying by credit card
  • Cheque on delivery for new MFS members
  • Cheque on invoice for existing MFS customers


All customers are automatically put on 14-day credit terms after one delivery



Every penny reduction the MFS achieves by buying heating oil in bulk means individual members benefit from a saving of £20 when filling a typical 2000 litre domestic tank.