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It is well-recognised that the best way to deliver fast, reliable broadband is by fibre-optic cable. County Broadband, who have for the last few years been delivering 32 Mbps wireless broadband to Great Maplestead, are now planning to install an entirely new fibre-optic infrastructure in the village that will future-proof its broadband requirements for years to come.

This new fibre-optic network will be available to every home and provide the village with one of the fastest broadband services in the country. The service will offer low-cost phone calls, up to 1,000 Mbps internet speeds with unlimited data allowance and instant access to online services such as Netflix for viewing high-definition films on demand.

However, building a new fibre-optic infrastructure is a significant long-term investment for County Broadband and, although funding for the project has already been secured, the company need to understand whether there is the required demand in Great Maplestead to justify this investment – naturally, having such a service, at no cost to the village, can only happen if there is sufficient interest shown by residents.

County Broadband are therefore inviting everyone along to the Village Hall at 7.30pm on 14th November for a presentation which will explain in much more detail what they are planning and what support they will need in order to make fibre-optic broadband happen in Great Maplestead.

To get an initial idea of what the possible demand might be, the company are asking anyone in the village who would like to receive fibre-optic broadband to register their interest online at www.countybroadbandfibre.co.uk – the website can also be used to confirm, no later than 7th November, whether or not you will be attending the presentation.

If there is a demonstrable demand from the village for a fibre-optic network, County Broadband would anticipate starting their installation in summer 2019.


County Broadband - delivers superfast wireless broadband in Great Maplestead NOW!

County Broadband is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), with over ten years’ experience, which specialises in the provision of broadband networks and services into difficult to get to places – especially rural areas like Great Maplestead.

They offer one of the fastest rural broadband networks available in the country – often at speeds that are faster than many urban speeds - and you do not need a telephone line to connect to it!


You can receive a superfast broadband service NOW - (32Mb upload and download).

  • The Village Hall was connected to the network for the Annual Parish Assembly meeting on the 15th April 2015 to allow people to experience and test the service.
  • Properties in line-of-sight with the church tower were able to be connected from Monday 13th April 2015
  • Further Access Point installations to deliver the service to the rest of the village were completed by the end of April 2015
  • Properties not in line-of-sight with the church were able to be connected from the beginning of May 2015.


If you wish to take up the service you will need to register your details on the County Broadband website, which also exactly locates your property on a map. Please visit https://www.countybroadband.co.uk/ (the home page), choose which service (Residential or Business) you require and then input your postcode into the box on the right side of the webpage. Follow the on-screen instructions, which will take you through the registering process. County Broadband will then contact you to arrange an installation date.


County Broadband offers a community-centric solution to broadband provision in the rural community, working as a partnership with Parish Councils, the local church, and the community as a whole to deliver superfast broadband to those areas which have not been able to benefit up until now.


Contact County Broadband for more information - Tel: 0845-686 5000