The long-established Parish News magazine, containing information and news from and about the parishes of Great & Little Maplestead, Pebmarsh and Gestingthorpe, underwent a change in 2018.

Parish MagazineA Steering Committee, including four parish representatives, was formed to help the Editor ensure that the magazine better reflects each parish’s needs. One of this committee’s initial decisions was to scrap the magazine’s traditional subscription model and distribute it free to every household, thereby increasing the magazine’s reach by over 50%

This has resulted in better, and wider-ranging, exposure for those loyal local businesses that provide the essential financial support necessary to fund the magazine’s publication. Information about the services they provide can be found here.

While the primary focus of the magazine remains the churches and local communities, the editorial brief now also includes Parish Council news and any relevant information from the District and County Councils.

There are 10 issues published each year – one a month but with single issues for December/January and July/August.

A version of the current issue can be read here.

Previous issues can be read by clicking on the appropriate link: February 2018; March 2018; April 2018; May 2018; June 2018; Jul/Aug 2018; September 2018; October 2018; November 2018; December 2018/January 2019; February 2019

Articles/information and photographs for inclusion in future issues can be sent by e-mail either direct to the Editor or to an appointed Village Representative – their details are listed near the back of the magazine.

Deadline dates for copy are:


 Issue   Copy by:  
 April  22nd March
 May  19th April
 June  17th May
 July/August  21st June
 September  23rd August
 October  20th September
 November  18th October
 December/January  22nd November