Financial year ended 31st March 2007    
    FIXED ASSETS as per insurance schedule:-  
The figures for the period ended 31st March 2007 are presented herewith.   INCOME:    
The excess of income over expenditure of 1,604.26 arose because:-   General Income:   Per Renewal Summary dated 18th April 2006  
(a) our Precept for the period was increased to generate a surplus with the intention of rebuilding Reserves towards meeting the costs of the 2007 election and for the possible requirement to assist in the provision of increased car parking space at the village hall.   Parish Precept: 3,800.00   Figures updated to conform with Schedule as at 1 June 2006  
  Parish Support Grant: 1,271.00    
  Agency Services:-   1 Buildings, etc 0.00  
  Street cleaning: 493.10   0.00  
(b) the Precept also included an expectation of ₤500 being spent on the playing field and ₤400 for general repairs and maintenance, neither of which sums were required.   Verge cutting: 1,701.72   2 Lamp Posts, street furniture, etc.  
  Bank interest: 114.39   Two lamp posts 775.14  
      Village sign 1,154.77  
(c) grants totalling ₤6,700 were received during the period from the Community Initiatives Fund. These were utilised as shown under Special Projects. The surplus of ₤210.87 of grants over total related expenditure relates to grant funds for the repair of the village hall roof, a task that was still under way at the close of the period ; this value has therefore been transferred to the Special Reserve pending payment in 2007/08.   7,380.21   Seat 570.49  
  Donations & Grants:   Notice board 204.18  
  Community Initatives Fund:- 6,700.00   Notice board 908.33  
      Picnic tables 908.70  
  6,700.00   Litter bin 115.00  
      Dog waste bin 88.00  
In addition to the above mentioned surplus of CIF grant funds of ₤210.87, a further ₤2,500 has been transferred to Special Reserve as a provision for future expenditure requirements on the playing field and village hall car park.   TOTAL INCOME: 14,080.21      
  EXPENDITURE:   3 Gates and fences 0.00  
  General Expenditure:   0.00  
  Clerk's salary and other administration: 2,934.48   4 War memorials 0.00  
  Agency Services: 1,701.72   0.00  
  Cleaning & Skip hire: 76.00   5 Playground equipment  
Notes:   Playing Field:   Compan Crazy Daisy 647.21  
1. These accounts are prepared on a cash, rather than an accrual, basis.   Repairs & maintenance:   Compan Scrambler 641.14  
2. There are no outstanding Debtors or Creditors.   Street lighting: 81.34   Various Playdale equipment 4,675.47  
3. Tangible assets are valued for insurance purposes only; a breakdown is appended.   Extraordinary items (6.72)   Junior Swing 652.67  
      Cradle swing 797.72  
  4,786.82   7,414.21  
  Donations & Grants:   6 Office contents, machinery, etc. 0.00  
  Village Hall: 750.00   0.00  
  P.C.C.: 400.00   7 Mowers and similar machinery  
  Vitalise Essential Breaks 50.00   Stihl model FS86 brush cutter 371.91  
      Stihl model SH85 vacuum/blower 218.29  
  1,200.00   590.20  
    8 Sports equipment  
  Special Projects:   Goal posts and supports 272.00  
  Reinstatement of churchyard path 2,700.00   272.00  
  Replacement of village hall windows 3,302.13   9 Other property 0.00  
  Replacement of village hall heaters 487.00   0.00  
      Other surfaces 1,934.87  
  TOTAL EXPENDITURE: 12,475.95    
  NET SURPLUS (DEFICIT): 1,604.26    
  BALANCES & RESERVES General Reserve: Special Reserve: Total:    
  Balances brought forward: 1,635.00 1,500.00 3,135.00    
  Excess of income over expenditure: 1,604.26    
  Transfers between funds: (2,710.87) 2,710.87      
  Balances carried forward: 528.39 4,210.87 4,739.26    
  Represented by:    
  Current Account: 14.07    
  Reserve Account: 4,725.19    
  Approved at the meeting of the Great Maplestead Parish Council on 17th May 2007: